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We are a Mom&Pop Dog grooming shop located in one of the best cities in the country! Berwyn, IL. We are located right on 6907 W Cermak road part of Main street U.S.A. 60402. Visit us soon! 



We have been in business in Berwyn since 2007. Pet grooming has it's essential benefit for your pet. Your pet's groomer could be a helpful hand in identifying possible future health issues that you may be able to prevent sooner than later. Dog grooming is a bonding experience as well as a training experience for your dog. Teaching them not to be afraid of getting groomed (which is a process for the dogs who aren't used to getting groomed). That is taught in sessions rather than all in one day. We provide full service grooming services for your dog which includes: Nail trimming, ear cleaning, teeth brushing, Bath (shampoo&conditioner), fluff drying by the best dog grooming hands in the chicagoland area, brush out, Anal glands if needed,  deodorant, lots of love and care, absolutely no use of sedatives!  

At The Puppy Shop we are passionate about making your dog looking, smelling and feeling better. This business was not created from one day just waking up and deciding to open up a dog grooming shop. We were born into the business. Taught and raised up around dogs since being a young-early-sprouty child. Having the knowledge on how to appreciate and keep the trust a dog gives you as his care taker is on a whole new level of experience. We like to share advice and stories with our customers and invite our customers to give us feedback and contact us freely and directly.

Thanks to the support and appreciation from customers like you! Feel free to tell us what you think and give us a call (708-484-8708) and speak to us directly and connect with us & throw us a question. We will try to keep up to date with everything on here, including tips and things.


We do Not sell puppies! We only offer pet supplies & our dog grooming services!




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